What Are Promo Codes
Chapter 2

Promotional Codes (promo codes) are in a nutshell simply digital coupons, but in fact, are much better than physical coupons.

Promo codes are one of the strongest marketing tools used by all Ecommerce companies, and because of this, luckily hundreds of promo codes from hundreds of thousands of businesses are created each day for shoppers to use.


The tricky part is finding promo codes for your favorite shopping categories.

Promo codes are issued by the ecommerce sites that accepts that particular promo code it created, you are not permitted to use promo codes on other websites, you can only use codes on the sites they were issued from.

Remember, promo codes are used to attract customers and increase sales, therefore every day of the week you can always find new promo codes that will save you money.


It should be the largest issuer of promo codes is Amazon, issuing 10,000 promo codes a day.

The trick with Amazon is you will not find promo codes on their site, but the largest lister of Amazon Promo Codes is Great Deals in.

Great Deal In list over 2,000 Amazon Promo Codes on their site, and update their list almost daily.