The Promo Code Process
Chapter 3

The promo codes process is fairly simple, the hard part is finding the promo codes you need or want, when they are active and before they expire. 

All promo codes expire, and the tricky part is locating and using these promo codes before their expiration date. Now, back to the promo code process, they are very easy to use:


1. Some promo codes can be cut and paste into the checkout page when your making a purchase online


2. Some promo codes can be typed into the promo codes box during online checkout


3. The most popular promo code process is simply click on the link for the products that is assigned to a promo code and the promo code is automatically populated into your checkout cart, which is most famously use with Amazon Promo Codes


1. Lastly, you can also find active promo codes in a drop-down menu on certain site in the checkout window or page of the sites shopping cart, they can be seen right next to your sub-total


2. There are also promo codes that come directly to your email, once you make a purchase from certain companies online, they will send you promo codes to your emails, and on some website you can sign up to receive promo codes, if you use gmail, click on the promotions tab and you will find some promo codes in the those emails sent to you.


One Thing You Should Know About Promo Codes


As stated earlier in this ebook, all promo codes have an expiration date, but in the case when enough shoppers have not used a certain promo code, websites will reissue the promo codes to get more shopper to use it. 


How often are new promo codes issued?


Promo codes are issued every day 24 hours per day.


How many companies issue promo codes?


Millions of online companies issue promo codes every day.


How many promo codes can I use each day?

The number of promo codes you can use is limitless, but you can only use the same promo code once.

Where can I find promo codes


Promo codes can be found in several places, as stated earlier in this ebook, they can be found in the promotions inbox in your Gmail.


Promo codes can also be found directly in your primary inbox, by going to your favorite website you like to shop from, scroll all the way to the bottom on the home page, look for a contact bax that says “sign up for discounts and deals” or any any thing closely 


related to those words and enter your email address. Once you have joined their mailing list, the deals will start coming directly to your inbox.


There are also website where you can get promo codes for ecommerce site from around the globe, such as: