The Largest Promo Code Issuer Online
Chapter 5

Amazon is not only the largest online retailer outside of Walmart, it is the biggest online issuer of promo codes. Amazon issues more than 10,000 promo every day in several shopping categories.


In fact, Amazon’s promo code database is such a large, often most never get used, because there is not enough manpower to list them all on the websites that list promo codes, and there are never enough shoppers to use the promo codes that are available before they expire.


The History of Promo Codes

Promo codes started off with coupons of course. The earliest documentation of coupons started with the famous brand, Coca Cola in 1887. As of today, more than 55 million Americans use promo codes. By 2006, Retail Me Not turned 21 million online visitors into coupon users. By the time 2010 rolled around, Target became the first chain store to offer mobile coupons to its customer base.


5 Billion coupon users worldwide had been achieved by 2012, saving shoppers over 896 million dollars.


Why are shoppers so drawn to promo Codes

To put it simply, using promo codes provides shoppers with a natural sense of power and fosters “wise shopper feelings”, according to a study performed by Psychology Today on Shoppers Habits and Outlook. 

It gives shoppers a thrill that can only come from saving money. To a point where the shopper will return, to use more promo codes in an effort to save more.


Another coupon study found that it increased customers' happiness to know they were saving money, while still getting the products and items they desired and needed.


“Coupon recipients of a $10 voucher had a 38% rise in oxytocin levels while their respiration, heart rate, and perspiration dropped. It appears that it’s not just the mental satisfaction of getting a deal, but there are also positive physical reactions as well (”