Most Popular Shopping Categories that Issue Promo Codes
Chapter 6

Amazon has an extensive shopping categories of promo codes, starting with:


Art and Crafts - promo codes ranging for 5% to 85% off, you find deep discounts on paints, fabrics, floral, beads, machinery, paint, papercraft, screen printing and other related arts and crafts products


Electronics - promo codes ranging from 15% off to 75% on cameras, calculators, microphones, digital clocks, karaoke machine and many other closely related electronic devices


Automotive -promo codes ranging from 50% to 65% off on brakes, filters, tire irons, car was, engine degreasers, car seats and other automotive related parts and equipment


Baby -with having a baby comes buying baby items often and early, ranging from 15% to 90% promo codes, save big on bassinets, baby clothes, bottles, rattles, blankets, carriers, car seats, and abundantly more baby related products and services.


Beauty - ranging from 10% to 80% off on lipstick, nail polish, mascara, foundation, facial mist, facial scrubs, make-up brush and all other related beauty products from popular line like: Revlon, NYC, Maybelline and other well known brands 


Cell Phone - save 15% to 70% off on cell phones and cell phone accessories like: screen protectors, stylus, phone case, screen cleaners, cell phone wallet and more


Clothing -save up to 99% off of clothing that is going out of season as well as current trends that includes: pants, shirts & Skirts, sweaters, gloves, shorts, and even swimming trunks and other clothing related ware



Computers and 

Accessories -20% to 65% off of selected computers, tablets, desk tops, laptops, USBs, keyboards, power cords, chargers, keyboard covers, mouse, and more computer related items



Groceries -10% to 90% off groceries, including gourmet 

Foods, beverages, and desserts


Health and Homes -you’ll find big saving on supplements and home decor ranging from 5% to 95% off


Home Improvement -a necessary home service that is very expensive, but not with Amazon Promo Codes on home improvement provider, save as much as 85% off of having your kitchen renovated, or you countertops update  


Jewelry - on selected rings, bracelets, ear rings, necklaces and other jewelry pieces, Amazon issues hundreds of codes a day for 15% to 75% off of fine jewelry


Major Appliances - washer, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, oven range are all discounts by 15% to 85% off of selected appliances

There is even a miscellaneous shopping categories fill with thousands of promo codes, that will save you up to 95% off of selected goods that do not fit into other popular shopping categories


There are also several other shopping categories where you can save as low as 5% off, or as high as 95% on selected goods, that include but not limited to:


  1.  Instruments

  2.  Office Supplies

  3.  School Supplies

  4.  Patio Furniture

  5.  Lawn Equipment and Supplies

  6.  Garden Goods

  7.  Pet Food and Supplies

  8.  Shoes

  9.  Handbags

  10. Sunglasses

  11.  Sports

  12.  Fitness

  13. Toys 

  14. Games

  15. Watches

Saving money when shopping online is easier than it seems, its all just a matter of knowing where to look and hope hope we have helped you with that.

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