Save Money When
Shopping Online

It feels great to earn a paycheck. Whether you work part time, full time, in an office, are working from home. Having a job is the primary way we earn money, and is also the first step towards financial independence.

The biggest obstacle to financial independence is the cost of living, having to spend more than the amount of money your bringing in each month.

This workbook will help you implement cost saving strategies that will aid your money in outpacing the cost of living, by showing you avenues of decreasing the products and services you use in your daily lives.

As you proceed through this workbook you will find a variety of financial activities, and discount plans and leads designed to save you and your family money as you make online purchases.

What you should know About a Budget
This workbook is not about a budget, but paying less on the things you buy online. Nevertheless, there are a few things about budget you should understand before we get started.

The best system for you depends on what you’re trying to do — curb spending amounts, pay down debt, build savings or something else. 

Budgeting systems are designed to help you understand and evaluate your relationship with money. While all share a common goal, they often use distinct tactics to get you there. We’ve narrowed down some options to help you find one that resonates. Use these recommendations as a guide.

Some experts say there’s no need to follow a specific budgeting system as long as you’re aware of important details like your income, debts, goals and general spending.

If you live within your means (which, this workbook will help you do) and know you’re on track to reach your goals, then tracking every penny is probably overkill, says You don’t need to know that your electric bill was exactly $83.82 last month. You just need to know that you’re kind of within some general parameters, and I think that can actually be a relief to people.